The Parol Lantern Festival & Parade will start at 5PM on Saturday, December 10, 2016. The parade will start at Yerba Buena Lane and end in at Jessie Square and/or St. Patrick's Church, where program festivities will take place.
    We hope that you can join this year's Parol Festival!


    5PM: Entertainment & Parol Gallery in Jessie Square
    6:15PM: Parade Starts at Yerba Buena Gardens
    6:30 - 8PM*: Program & Tala Awards in Jessie Square
    * In case of rain, the parade will be cancelled and all program activities will take place inside St. Patrick's church at 6:30pm

    Parol Festival Map


    All contingents participating in this year's festival & parade must complete TWO FORMS:

    Contingent Registration Form due October 28, 2016
    Production Information Form due November 18, 2016

    If your group is unable to complete the forms online, they may also be submitted in person, by mail, or fax to the Bayanihan Community Center, 1010 Mission St. Ste B. San Francisco, CA 94103, Fax: 415-974-0349. Emailed forms will not be accepted.


    ALL participating contingents are eligible to compete for a highly coveted Tala Award! This year, we are adding a new Kularts Award, which will be presented to the contingent that gives the best performance! Judges will be scoring parols based on

    1) creativity/innovation
    2) design/aesthetics.

    Please remember that you will be asked to arrive early on the day of the parade for judging.

    1st Place $500
    2nd Place $100
    3rd Place $75


    We need your support! Click the Volunteer Form button to sign up for this year's Parol Festival. Volunteers receive a free Parol Lantern Festival Hoodie, but must commit to volunteering for a least 5 hours that day. Volunteers must gather at the Bayanihan Commuity Center on Saturday, December 10, 9am - 10pm, the morning of the Parol Lantern Parade. If you have further questions about volunteer opportunities, email Bernadette Sy at parolsf@gmail.com.

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